Satya Nadella, energetic about Corona’s condition in India, communicates obligation to help

seeing the horrific condition of Corona in India, Satya Nadella, CEO of Indian-origin Microsoft, became very emotional and committed to help in relief work in India .
Satya Nadella said that her heart has ‘sat down’ seeing the condition of India. He also praised the Biden administration of the United States for helping India deal with the Corona crisis. 

What did nadella say 

Satya Nadella said in a tweet that Microsoft will continue its relief efforts and will also help in the purchase of important oxygen concentration devices.
Satya Nadella said, ‘Seeing the current state of India, my heart has sat down. I am thankful for the way the US Government is mobilizing help. Micrososoft will continue to use its voice, resources and technology to help in relief operations and purchase critical oxygen concentration devices.

Help service international usa 

Meanwhile, the Indian-American NGO Seva International USA has raised 1.5 million dollars (about 11 crore rupees) for aid operations in India and is sending a consignment of emergency medical devices to India with 400 oxygen concentrators. 

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