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About US
Blackicing brings you premium quality best jeans in your price range. Our main aim is to bring you the best in line jeans in price ranges you can afford and without any compromise in quality. We do all this with locally available raw materials and providing employment opportunities for the locals.
All our manufacturing processes are sustainable and transparent. This helps us make sure that while you flaunt our jeans in the public you don’t feel dubious about how they were made in the first place.
Our price ranges are so less than what people expect that customers often end up asking us what we sacrificed to bring down the price. But we can promise you that uncompromised quality has always been our main aim.
While endorsing local suppliers and producers, we also provide local seamstresses a shot at employment. We handpick those who are passionate and creative and provide them with the necessary training in order to bring you all the intricate details they craft on our finest cottons.
You will find only the best jeans for women when you deal with us; you can find normal cotton jeans to premium jeans. No matter if you are searching for skinny jeans for women or plus size jeans, we have got you covered. With our goals, objectives and production process, we don’t hesitate to call ourselves the best jeans brand in India.

The reason why our customers are satisfied and happy with us is due to the quality of our cotton jeans for women.
This would not have been possible without our skilled and passionate seamstresses. We are very focused on providing an employment opportunity to those who are less fortunate. If they show the proper desire and passion to work then we make sure to train them further in order to hone their skills further.
We believe that this small effort of ours could help in bringing down poverty in the nation or our locality substantially in the near future.
Our staffs are not people who we consider can be easily replaced. Once they join Blackicing, they become more than employees, they become a part of our family. We make sure that each and every one of them is treated fairly and paid more than sufficient amount in order to sustain their lifestyle.

At Blackicing we believe in limiting the environmental impact caused when manufacturing jeans.
We believe in creating a positive impact on the environment and not just make things work for our benefit. We ensure that we leave behind no carbon footprint in our production process and no excessive energy is wasted unnecessarily.
Water is a major concern while manufacturing jeans and we have made sure to keep the water usage to only what is required without letting a single drop go to waste.
Our whole production process can be said to be sustainable without impacting the environment around us. It is our home after all; no one is going to keep it clean except for ourselves.
These policies and promises of ours do not only imply to our present state of affairs but also for the future, making sure to be more sustainable than what we are now.

We make sure to be very transparent about our production process and that our customers know exactly how the jeans they are wearing are being made.
From small details like making a single thread of cotton to buttons and rivets to dyes, we choose everything carefully making sure everything is of top-grade and are not being obtained by leaving behind a negative impact on the environment and the society. So no matter if you are wearing our skinny jean or our plus size jean for women, you will get the same unaltered sustainable quality.

Wholesale Purchase
Jeans for tall women, plus size jeans, skinny jeans for women, ripped jeans for women, all in all the best jeans in India. We have got them all and we assure you that we are your one stop destination to all your jeans related purchases throughout the entire nation.
We want to make our product accessible to every nook and cranny of the nation and want everyone to get a pair of top quality jeans at a very less price compared to foreign brands. In order to do that we also sale wholesale products and give retailers a chance to distribute our products.
We warmly welcome wholesale buyers and retailers as well as those who are looking to partner with us.
Partnering with us will heap in a lot of benefits as currently we are climbing the success ladder and we are only going up without stopping and we don’t intend on stopping either.
So get in touch with us right away and let us be successfully together by leaving a positive impact on the society and the environment.



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